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Ghost Events is Scotland's leading paranormal events company and has been running since 2006. Professional paranormal events at locations around Scotland by experienced paranormal investigators.

Mark Andrew Turner is a paranormal investigator who founded Ghost Events in 2006 as a way of allowing guests to attend the paranormal investigations / ghost hunts that he and his team were conducting. At this time, Ghost Events Scotland was the only company of it's type operating in Scotland, and one of only a few in the UK. Mark also founded a non-profit paranormal research team, Ghost Finders Scotland as well as The EVP Research Association UK in 2004. He spent many years travelling around the UK, as well as over to the United States to conduct extensive research into suspected cases of paranormal activity in alleged haunted locations, gathering much knowledge about the subject along the way. The goal was simple, to attempt to find evidence that answered the world's oldest question, is there an afterlife....? Mark has no agenda within the realms of his paranormal research, except to find the truth. Over the past two years Mark has been studying consciousness and through this research brings new thinking into his work. The years of dedicated research and gathering of knowledge has drawn much attention. To date, Mark has appeared in over 20 televison productions spanning the globe, including Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures and many mainstream programmes for The Discovery Channel, ITV, STV, Nine Network Australia, Swedish TV, Fance 5, BBC and many more. Mark has also been featured in literally hundreds of radio productions and media articles since 2004.






Scottish Ghost Hunter
Mark Andrew Turner Filming for The Discovery Channel




The Ghost Events team is assisted - on occasion - freely by Haunted Scotland paranormal Investigator Ryan O'Neill.

Ryan has been a paranormal Investigator for over 10 years, appearing on numerous TV shows such as Most Haunted & Brew Dogs USA. He also collaborates with paranormal researchers from all over the world, and looks to bring unity and cooperation with his fellow peers to the forefront within Scotland.

Ryan's area of expertise of late is through Echovox Audio Sessions, where we may be directly communicating with spirit in real time.

Ryan Says: “It's a pleasure to help out at Ghost Events Scotland, to see the shock in the public's face when they hear real communication is amazing. I give my time freely for such, and the gathering of material from some of Scotland's Most Haunted locations is a massive bonus to my work”

Ryan O'Neill Paranormal Investigator
Ryan O'Neill

Lynne & Gary Knight – History and Horror Tours

Two of the most enthusiastic paranormal researchers you could ever work with. Gary – a fantastic historical storyteller – has a unique ability to take you back into the mindset of those who once operated in the locations, reciting historical facts, building the scene, and using this to raise the energy from within sessions.

Lynne has a unique ability to be in the right place on the session, intuitively sensing the energies of the area, using equipment to back up these assertions, and getting the public fully involved in the search.

Janice Dodds – Trance Medium

Very gifted ‘Trance Medium’ from East Lothian who has a plethora of experience working in connection with the spiritual world. The loveable famous medium Albert Best guides Janice on and off location, Albert was a Medium who came from Northern Ireland, and was known for his accuracy and amazing spiritual connection.

The events give the team opportunity to share their experiences and to give you a unique experience of your own. Everyone who attends will take something new away with them. For the believers, a chance to strengthen their beliefs, for the skeptics a chance to question their beliefs. Everything that you experience during our events is real, nothing is faked, no people in fancy dress attempting to frighten you, no staged paranormal occurrences. The ghost events team are highly passionate about this subject.

During the events you can expect to take part in psychic ghost walks around the locations, seances, ghost vigils and experiments with our experienced team using a variety of investigation equipment.

The Ghost Events team cannot guarantee that anything paranormal will happen during each event, every event is different. There is no direct link with the spirit world where paranormal activity can be switched on and off on command, if only! However, many guests have had their share of experiences over the years that would postively make your hair stand on end...!

In selecting the venues for the ghost hunts, the team have opted for those with a very strong history of paranormal phenomena. The main goal is to increase the chances of guests having a paranormal experience in these haunted locations, and the venues are chosen purely with this in mind.

Join the Ghost Events team for an experience that you will never forget!





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