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Saturday’s 9pm till 2am – 22nd February 2020 – £45.00 pp

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The Location

Bannockburn house - Ghost EventBannockburn house was built in the 17th Century, with slight alterations added in the 19th Century.

The house was probably commissioned by Sir Hugh Paterson in 1675, whose son and grandson was made Baronets of that house.

In the year of 1746, after the Battle of Culloden, it was this 2nd Baronet who entertained Charles Edward Stuart in Bannockburn House.


Paranormal Activity

The outline of a female – apparition – was seen during one of the few conducted paranormal nights that have taken place at this location. This happened in the balcony area.

Volunteers and workmen are said to have caught fleeting glimpses of shadows and movement while working here. The feelings of Bannockburn house - Ghost Eventbeing watched, silently from within the amazing house are also reported. Other able investigators from within Scotland have successfully used communication techniques here to tap into the energies present.

Other reports from various sources including…

* Doors opening & closing
* Staff at times feeling watched
* Various Loud Bangs & Knocks
* Live Audio Captures Of Voices
* We Had Three Members Of The Public Carried Out Last Time (Caveat)

During a private team investigation in May 2018, Investigators Greg Stewart & Ally Reid witnessed the telltale signs of REAL paranormal manifestation. While conducting a session in the Kitchen, they were met with an icy blast as if something was hovering over there shoulder.

They had to move such was the power of this activity.

As mentioned above, our last public event was wild – Summer 2018 – when females were heavily affected by something. They had to be taken out of the session and looked after carefully. Please keep this in mind before joining us here.

Join Scottish Paranormal, along with the Ghost Events team as they delve into the spooky history & activity in this exclusive private location….!

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