Mary Kings Close – Edinburgh – Exclusive Overnight Event

Event Dates: Saturday 18thth January 2020: Private Event (Only 20 Locked IN)

£65.00pp (Deposits & Pay Schedules Available) – T&C Apply

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About the Location

The Real Mary King’s Close is a warren of underground streets and rooms  – back in the 1600’s, Mary King’s Close, and neighbouring Closes, were at the heart of Edinburgh’s busiest and most vibrant streets, open to the skies and bustling with traders selling their wares to the Old Town’s residents.  400 years later, the close would find itself underground!

For years, the hidden Closes of Old Town Edinburgh have been shrouded in myths and mysteries, with blood-curdling tales of ghosts and murders, and of plague victims being walled up and left to die.  Research and archaeological evidence have revealed a more authentic story, rooted in fact and – as is so often the case – more fascinating than any amount of fiction.

Paranormal Activity

The Real Mary King’s Close is often cited as the most haunted places in Scotland. The first filed historical sighting dates back to around 1685 and involves the Coltheart family. The family moved into the Close after the last outbreak of the plague, and It was shortly after this that Thomas and his wife experienced ‘apparitions and unknown phantom energies’ in the Close.

Other well-known reported activity includes – but is not limited to – a ‘worried man’, a woman in black, a little girl called Annie who allegedly spoke to a famous Japanese psychic, sounds of a tavern in full swing and scratching coming from inside a chimney, where a child sweep is said to have died.

Other unusual occurrences have been experienced by visitors and members of staff which included stones being thrown, unexplained footsteps and countless recordings of voices, alarms being set off, and physical activity.

Mr Chesney’s house, at the bottom of Mary King’s Close, has been the subject of some quite intense Electronic Voice Phenomena & Echovox study over the past ten years, with some rather strange results.

This is a unique opportunity provided by Scottish Paranormal for a very small group of people so that people can experience the location with minimum distractions. Do you want to spend the night underground, locked it?