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The Real Mary King's Close, Edinburgh

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Mary King's Close Ghost Hunt

The Events
Join our experienced paranormal investigation team for what promises to be a very interesting evening at this highly atmospheric, historic location.

Psychic Ghost Walk
The walkround will consist of a tour of the location with one of Ghost Events Scotland's Psychic Mediums. The aim is to allow the our medium to channel information from the spirit realm and give information on any spiritual presences.

Vigils & Experiments
The event will include various vigils and experiments which everyone will have the opportunity to participate in. These will include filmed vigils, trigger object experiments, EVP experiments, seances, use of a variety of ghost hunting gadgets and much more.

Review Of Findings & Experiences
All findings will be analysed throughout the evening and there will be a discussion at the end of the investigation. The event will last for a full 5 hours.

The Events
  • Psychic Ghost Walk
  • Ghost Vigils
  • Spirit Communication Experiments
  • EVP Echovox Experiments

Mary King's Close Paranormal Investigation

Mary King's Close in haunted edinburgh




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Sat. 31st October 2015 11.30pm-4.30am - Fully Booked

The Location
The Real Mary King’s Close consists of a number of underground Closes which would have originally been very narrow walkways with houses on either side stretching up to 7 storeys high and dating back several centuries. In 1753 the Burgh authorities decided to develop a grand new building, the Royal Exchange (now the City Chambers). The houses at the top of the Closes were knocked down and part of the lower sections were kept and used as the foundations for the new building, leaving a number of dark and mysterious underground Closes and ancient dwellings steeped in mystery!

Since April 2003, guided parties of visitors have been able to visit The Real Mary King’s Close itself, and a range of other Closes and spaces that lie hidden beneath Edinburgh’s City Chambers – some of which have never before been open to the public. This relatively new attraction presents a historically accurate interpretation of life in these narrow alleyways from the 16th to the 19th century. Extensive documentary research and on-site survey works have been undertaken to provide an accurate platform for the subtle and unobtrusive interpretation of these A-listed buildings.

The Real Mary King’s Close is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland. The first recorded sighting dates back to 1685 and concerns the Coltheart family who moved into the Close after the last outbreak of the plague. It was not long before Thomas and his wife experienced ‘spectres and nameless terrors’ in Mary King’s Close.

Other well-know occurences include a ‘worried man’, a woman in black, a little girl called Annie who spoke to a famous Japanese psychic, sounds of a party or tavern and scratching coming from inside a chimney where a child sweep is said to have died. Unusual occrences have been experienced by visitors and members of staff including stones being thrown, inexplicable footsteps. A number of strange photographs have also been captured by staff and visitors alike. Mr Chesney's house, at the bottom of Mary King's Close has been the subject of some quite intense Electronic Voice Phenomena study over the past 5 years, with some rather strange results.

  • £65.00 Per Person

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