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The Perth Festival: Investigation with Barry Fitzgerald

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The Events
Join our experienced paranormal investigation team for what promises to be a very interesting evening at this fantastic historic location.

Psychic Ghost Walk
The walk-round will consist of a tour of the location with one of Ghost Events Scotland's Psychic Mediums. The aim is to allow the our medium to channel information from the spirit realm and give information on any spiritual presences.

Vigils & Experiments
The event will include various vigils and experiments which everyone will have the opportunity to participate in. These will include filmed vigils, trigger object experiments, EVP experiments, use of a variety of ghost hunting gadgets and much more.

Review Of Findings & Experiences
All findings will be analysed throughout the evening and there will be a discussion at the end of the investigation. The event will come to a close at 3.30am.

The Events
  • Psychic Ghost Walk
  • Ghost Vigils
  • Spirit Communication Experiments
  • EVP Echovox Recording Experiments
  • Investigate With Barry Fitzgerald | Ghost Hunters International


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Saturday 8th October 2016 10:30pm-3.30am | Tickets Available | £29.99 Per Person (Pay In Full)

The Location
The Mercure Hotel is one of the most unique locations in Perth, set in a 15th century watermill, you can still watch the water trickling through the original water wheel from the garden, reception area and Lounge Bar.

The history of the City Mills dates back to the 10th century with the city lade; the source of the water that you can see today flowing through the hotel. There is evidence that suggests that it pre-dates the reign of Malcolm Canmore, who famously deposed Macbeth and married Saint Margaret ofScotland.

The lade supplied the motive power to the mills. A man made waterway, it flows from the River Almond at Almondbank, north of the city, a distance of around four and a half miles before emptying into the River Tay just below the "Old Bridge".

Legend has it that the lade was dug in one night by the military and was therefore named the "King's Lade". What is known is that it was part of the defences of the medieval city of Perth.

The first mill on this site appeared around the beginning of the 12th century. They were apparently gifted to the crown in the following century but in 1375, by Feu Charter, the mills were given to the people of the city by King Robert the Third, and they were renamed "The City Mills".

Ghostly manifestations have been seen walking down the stairs towards the reception area, even asked if it wanted a cup of coffee by an unsuspecting receptionist many years ago, to which it answered, and then faded into the ether.

The upper level which is a stunning area with original looking beams – and items of note that would look comfortable in the old 15th Century mill – is said to have an atmosphere of intrigue, and as if some unseen energy is quietly watching.

Are these spirits related to the old mill, or is the area in general susceptible to manifestation due to the natural energy of the water and area at large?

This is what we will try to find out the 8th of October 2016, when an old friend and absolutely amazing researcher, Barry Fitzgerald – known for his appearances as lead Investigator of the Ghost Hunters International team on Scyfy - hooks up with us in the city hotel with members of the public.



Join Barry Fitzgerald & the Ghost Events team as they delve into the many past reports of paranormal activity in this extremely spooky location....!

  • £29.99

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