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The Old County Courtroom - City Of Perth

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The Events
Join our experienced paranormal investigation team for what promises to be a very interesting evening at this fantastic historic location.

Psychic Ghost Walk
The walk-round will consist of a tour of the location with one of Ghost Events Scotland's Psychic Mediums. The aim is to allow the our medium to channel information from the spirit realm and give information on any spiritual presences.

Vigils & Experiments
The event will include various vigils and experiments which everyone will have the opportunity to participate in. These will include filmed vigils, trigger object experiments, EVP experiments, use of a variety of ghost hunting gadgets and much more.

Review Of Findings & Experiences
All findings will be analysed throughout the evening and there will be a discussion at the end of the investigation. The event will come to a close at 3.00am.

The Events
  • Psychic Ghost Walk
  • Ghost Vigils
  • Spirit Communication Experiments
  • EVP Echovox Recording Experiments
  • Investigate With Ryan O'Neill | Most Haunted & Haunted Scotland


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Friday 13th October 2017 9:00pm-3.00am | Tickets Available | £34.99 Per Person (Pay In Full)

The Location
The Old County Courtroom in the City Of Perth is a new location on the haunted places calendar for the end of 2017. Picked for its position within the City, its historical significance with regards to Incarceration, punishments and executions. .

An area not far from the back of the building was also known as 'The Deadlands' at one time as it had been a burial site that's long forgotten. We will be bringing the spotlight back to this during our investigations.

This is a unique event where you will be joining the team of researchers and investigators as part of the team for the evening.

This location has NEVER been investigated, the team have NEVER been inside conducting data collection, and you will be there LIVE helping us categorise the strength of ACTIVITY FROM WITHIN THE BUILDING.

This is not for the fainthearted, however, as part of this area was built upon the old Tollbooth. People have been hanged here in times gone by, the areas have a dark history, and we are about to open up to it all in search of answers.

Are you brave enough to help us unlock the mysteries surrounding this location?











Join Lynne & Gary Knight along with the Ghost Events team as they delve into the spooky history & activity in this never been investigated location....!

  • £34.99

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