Christmas Meal & Ghost Watch – Saturday 21st December 2019 8 pm till 2 am


Saturday 21st December 2019 8 pm till 2 am  – SOLD OUT – **EXCLUSIVE EVENT**


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The Location

Balgonie Castle sits on the south bank of the River Leven near Milton of Balgonie, a few miles east of Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland.

The keep dates to the 13th century and the remaining structures added up-until the 18th century. The keep has recently been restored, although other parts of the castle are roofless ruins.

Balgonie is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.


Paranormal Activity

“Green Jeannie”, has wandered the ruinous 1702 wing for over two centuries. walking between two rooms linked by a doorway, she is said to walk in a left to right direction behind the two barred windows, stopping only to peer into the walled courtyard from the second window.

Another spirit that roams Balgonie Castle is that of an old man. While the Laird’s wife was said to be resting in the Great Hall, she had opened her eyes to find a bearded apparition – grey in stature– in what looked like 17th-century costume staring towards her.

Other spirits & apparitions include a grey man who uses a non-existent door in the main courtyard and a disembodied head with Ruff that floats around stairways near the hall

Reports of a lady are witnessed in the corner of the same main hall, dressed in period costume, looking sad.

EVP’S and other verifiable data has been collected here by the Scottish Paranormal TEAM. All Available online.

Join Scottish Paranormal, along with the Ghost Events team as they delve into the spooky history & activity in this exclusive private location!

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