Haunted Underground Edinburgh – Niddry Street Vaults

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Auld Reekie Tours classify it as Scotland’s most haunted underground experience, and we can certainly see why here at Ghost Events Scotland.

18th Century Haunted Underground Vaults

Haunted Underground EdinburghHidden below the bridge, a large number of arches offer the essential support for the structure above and, aware of the overcrowding in the City, these were designed to be accessible with the intention that they would be used both for storage and as workshops for businesses on the street above and elsewhere in the City.

While this was a good proposal in principle, in haste to complete construction, the essential matter of including some form of waterproofing was overlooked, and with the result that rainwater soaked through into every vault. While the businesses tried to make the vaults work for them, they eventually had to give up, and they were abandoned.

The vaults, however, did not stay vacant for long. Despite the lack of any form of natural light, ventilation, sanitation and constant dampness, the vaults offered the homeless a preferable place to live than on the streets above, where they risked prosecution simply for not having a place to live.

This created a secret, lawless society as any crimes committed could not be reported to the authorities, as to do so would mean Haunted Underground Edinburghadmitting being homeless and facing certain punishment yourself. It is believed the notorious body snatchers and serial killers, Burke and Hare, took at least two of their victims from the vaults.

By the mid-nineteenth century, with the water ingress starting to cause structural weaknesses, the vaults became too unbearable for even the most desperate to stay in, and they were once again abandoned, partially filled and sealed.

It was not until the 1980s that they were rediscovered and some of the safer vaults opened to the public to allow this part of forgotten Edinburgh to be visited.

Paranormal Activity

Haunted Underground EdinburghThe vaults entered from the East side of the bridge via Niddry Street all feed off a passageway that runs up the back of the buildings. A watcher similar to Mr Boots – Blair Street Vaults – has been witnessed in these vaults, although he does not interact with those who see him.

A child has also been seen looking out from within the vaults, as though curious to see who is there. Two spirits that are believed to be particularly malicious are also believed to reside in separate vaults, leading a number of psychics to state that they should be closed to the public for fear of them causing real harm.

Witches & Dark Energies

The first clue is within one of the vaults at the lowest level, closest to the point of entry. A coven of modern-day witches has occupied this for many years as their temple.

When first establishing themselves in the vaults, they had in fact selected a vault at the top end, as it was the driest, but events Haunted Underground Edinburghforced them to leave this room with all that remains being their stone circle in the centre of the floor.

After the witches first started to meet and worship there, it is said that they felt a dark energy among them. Before long, they started to discover that despite the vault being locked, when they returned it would be in a state of disarray, with possessions thrown around the room.

Having established that a mirror in the temple, that was either second hand or cracked, was acting as a doorway for something unwelcome to enter and determined to resolve the situation, the coven leader decided to stay in the chamber overnight to confront whatever was causing the disruption.

Having positioned himself in the centre of the store circle and recited a spell to prevent anything evil from crossing the stones, he settled down and waited. Before long, he started to hear the sound of something moving around the room and then pacing around the circle, as though trying to find a way in. He then heard scratching noises on the walls, and small pieces of falling masonry alerted him that whatever was in the vault with him had climbed the walls, and was now on the domed ceiling above him. With a sudden realisation of what was about to happen, he leapt from the circle and reversed the spell, just as the unseen entity dropped into the circle, thus trapping it inside.

Other Reports

Haunted Underground EdinburghThe British television show ‘Most Haunted’ has broadcast shows from the Niddry Street vaults, and the investigators refer to the poltergeist as their ‘Nemesis’, with them experiencing a number of attacks and one suffering from a deep scratch while standing in the stone circle and investigations being cut short.

Some current businesses also use the vaults, such as the Banshee Labyrinth public bar, which has direct access into the Niddry Street Vaults, which may be one of the reasons it can lay claim to being Scotland’s most haunted pub. The bar cleverly uses some of the vaults to offer several smaller areas to sit in and even its own cinema room and it was while the refurbishing work was being carried out that an incident is said to have taken place that resulted in the unusual choice of name. Several workmen working in the building reported hearing an ear-piercing scream from deep within the walls. Concerned that someone had entered the building unknown to them and had injured themselves, they searched but found no one else there.

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Join Scottish Paranormal, along with the Ghost Events team as they delve into the mysterious history & activity in this world known dark location.

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