The Haunted Mains Castle

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The Haunted Mains CastleThe Haunted Mains Castle which is also also known as Claverhouse Castle or Fintry Castle is a medieval castle in Dundee that dates back to the 16th century. 

The castle consists of several buildings surrounding a courtyard, although several of the original western buildings no longer exist. The northern and eastern buildings are where the family would have lived with the servants occupying the southern quarters. The castle also has a large six-floor square tower house with dressed cornerstones which is typical of 16th-century construction.

The castle is located in Dundee’s Caird Park to the north of the city overlooking the Dichty valley and adjacent to a small stream known as the Gelly Burn. On the opposite side of the burn is located the mausoleum of the Graham family and the Main’s cemetery which was formally the site of the districts kirk. The castle and its grounds were the subjects of a poem by Dundee poet William McGonagall in his work The Castle of Mains.

Paranormal Activity 

Close friend, colleague and Ghost Events Scotland Founder Mark Turner conducted a proper full-scale Investigation without the public here and reported the following to us…

Investigation Summary

The investigation at Mains Castle produced some results of note. Inexplicable temperature fluctuations were detected in the Great

Hall over a short period of time and at one point,

these fluctuations seemed to be in response to a request by a member of the team. 

A female voice was heard on two separate occasions around the Great Hall, both times being heard by more than one person. The sound of furniture being moved and the sound of running footsteps on wooden floors was heard many times within a short period by everyone on the team. 

It was verified that nobody else was present in the castle, nor could have been due to the building being locked. 


The audio experiments provided some interesting responses, one containing the name ‘Richard’ which had been picked up by medium Linda during her earlier walk round. Some of the other responses did seem to show an awareness of the questions asked or an awareness of the team by mentioning relevant names. 

Many of the experimental audio results contained apparent responses that were indiscernible. The communication board sessions were unsuccessful with no movement of the planchette being picked up. A seance was attempted in order to link energies in the hope of witnessing some physical phenomena; nothing was picked up during that session. Night vision film footage and digital still photographs showed nothing of interest with only the odd orb being detected; these were put down to dust in the atmosphere. EMF readings throughout the building remained normal with readings only being detected near man-made sources.

Would you like to join us for a 12-hour lock-in here? 

Join Scottish Paranormal, along with the Ghost Events team as they delve into the spooky history & activity in this exclusive private location….!

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